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The Ultimate New York Body Plan: The Breakthrough Diet and Fitness System That Sheds Pounds and Reshapes Your…

January 31st, 2012

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"Initially, I went to David to reshape my body, not knowing that my interaction with him would ultimately reshape my life." --Linda Evangelista "I work out with David Kirsch on a regular basis, but I really see his magic when I need to get in shape quickly....Within two weeks I see huge results and feel stronger, healthier and 100 percent better inside and out."--Liv Tyler "When I first contacted David, I had five weeks to get in shape for my first movie role. His attitude and take-no-prisoners approach was not only inspiring, it was actually enjoyable!"--Faith Hill In as little as two weeks, David Kirsch's unique combination of exercise, nutrition, and motivation will help you transform your body and achieve maximum wellness. The Ultimate New York Body Plan will show you how to: Lose weight . . . without expensive surgery Increase energy . . . and burn calories Tone muscles . . . in the fastest time possible Define shape . . . for a lean, sculpted look Look your best . . . and feel even better See real results . . . that will last a lifetime

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Weight Loss Books "Initially, I went to David to reshape my body, not knowing that my interaction with him would ultimately reshape my life." --Linda Evangelista "I work out with David Kirsch on a regular basis, but I really see his magic when I need to get in shape quickly....Within two weeks I see huge results and feel stronger, healthier and 100 percent better inside and out."--Liv Tyler "When I first contacted David, I had five weeks to get in shape for my first movie role. His attitude and take-no-prisoners approach was not only inspiring, it was actually enjoyable!"--Faith Hill In as little as two weeks, David Kirsch's unique combination of exercise, nutrition, and motivation will help you transform your body and achieve maximum wellness. The Ultimate New York Body Plan will show you how to: Lose weight . . . without expensive surgery Increase energy . . . and burn calories Tone muscles . . . in the fastest time possible Define shape . . . for a lean, sculpted look Look your best . . . and feel even better See real results . . . that will last a lifetime
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  1. Katherine McEwien
    January 31st, 2012 at 16:23 | #1


    If you want to know how people like Heidi Klum go from having a baby to getting back on the Victoria’s Secret Runway in only a few months, get this book. There are celebrity endorsements from Linda Evangelista, Liv Tyler, and Faith Hill.

    The scary part: the workout is challenging for the inshape (I say that having previously completed a marathon) and the diet sounds completely undoable until you try his delicious recipies. It’s a no ABCDEF diet: No Alcohol, Bread, starchy Carbs, Dairy, Extra Sweets (including artificial), bad Fats or Fruits. Make no mistake about it, it’s very strict.

    The bad part: Kirsh doesn’t do a great job convincing you of how absolutely yummy the recipes are. He does explain, in detail, that yes, this is a crash diet. And yes, he HATES crash diets too, for you hateful nutrition nuts. But the fact is it’s human nature for people to put off treating their body right until about 3 weeks before an event. It’s just the way people are. And if he can create a plan that works, that also makes people feel better, and then teach people to slowly transition into a healthier maintenance plan, more’s the better.

    This diet pushes you to eat small protein-based meals of egg whites, turkey bacon, chicken, or fish and vegetables at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm. Salt is not restricted. You can have a tablespoon of olive oil mixed as salad dressing once per day. A serving of 7-10 almonds once per day. He recognizes that all of this cooking is painful, and (helpfully?) suggests whey protein shakes to be substituted for two meals a day to ease the burden. Conveniently, they can be purchased directly from his website.

    I hate whey protein shakes. I think they taste chalky. Luckily, there are tons of extremely yummy recipes, and I don’t mind cooking. From the end of the first day I feel better, but the herbal and green tea he suggests doesn’t solve my Diet Coke cravings. I alter the program to 1)include Diet Coke and Crystal Lite, despite all his warnings about the effects of artifical sweetenters on insulin and fat storage; 2)decide I need more salad dressing than that and make mine 2 tablespoons of olive oil; and 3)decide it is a waste of my expensive omega eggs to just throw out the yolks and that I will use one whole egg and two egg whites every morning. Also, I am too lazy to measure meats so I eyeball everything, I use one chicken breast per meal, etc. I also am in the habit of eating until I am full so I often throw extra veggies in the pan. I figure the few extra calories are worth not getting so hungry I will later make a run for ice cream or chocolate. Usually I can’t finish half a plate full of the meal anyway and the recipes are fantastic.

    I haven’t exercised at all except for walking the dog: a medication I am on throws off my balance, and I am feeling lazy. My lazyness is the result of a long-term illness, not this diet.

    The miracle: despite all my bending diet rules and not exercising, in just the first 8 days I have so far lost 14 pounds! Woo hoo!

  2. November
    February 1st, 2012 at 06:00 | #2


    In brief, three of us decided to do this together. C, at the start, weighed 198 pounds; B weighed nearly the same; and A weighed about 150 pounds. Fourteen days later (more on how painful or painless those were below), C had lost 12 pounds; B had lost 7; and A had lost 9.

    C says that her eating habits have been changed forever and plans on sticking as much as possible to David’s instructions. B had a few breakdowns and didn’t stick to the program but put in a valiant effort despite a personally stressful situation (and still managed to lose, now pulling out pants from her closet she hasn’t worn in years). A liked the strictness and rigidity of the program and was glad it got her back into the gym to a fitness level where she should be anyway. Plus, she dropped a size. She is not, however, willing to forgo dairy or fruit for most of her life. Neither, for that matter, is B.

    Some reviewers have commented that David’s plan (exercise hard, eat lean) is common sense and while it’s obviously true that the fewer calories you take in and the more you burn, the more you’ll lose, The Ultimate NY Body Plan actually gives you a daily menu and exercise regimen to follow.

    It was hard. Really hard. The “45-minute” cardio-sculpting routine took more like 1.5 hours at the start. Even by the end, when we had most of the moves down, to keep it at 45 minutes meant skipping some really odious exercises (like Spiderman) and keeping the reps low. The cardio part was not as difficult to manage, though, we admit, we occasionally did only 30 minutes.

    The food was pretty darn good. The only difficult part was that it felt like one of us was always in the kitchen cooking for the others. Preparation of all the meals and snacks was very time-consuming. About the shakes, okay, you can get used to them. Watch out for sucralose if you’re sensitive to subsitute sugars.

    All in all, when the three of us had our final weigh-in (we did not monitor our weight over the course of the program), we were all pretty psyched and amazed. So, yes, it definitely works. But be prepared to work your butt off and want to quit. The strictness helps. The daily menu helps. The rules help. Good luck.

  3. C. Fung
    February 3rd, 2012 at 04:06 | #3


    After 2 weeks I lost 4 lbs, 2″ from my waist, 2″ from my hips, 1.5″ around each upper arm. I’m 5’5″ and 128 lbs. At first I was disappointed that I only lost 4 lbs, but then I saw the sleek muscles that I developed and my clothes fit better than ever before, I realized that it’s not the weight that matters, but how your body looks and feels. I got on this plan to lose those last 5 lbs and I felt I was in a rut in terms of my exercise routine ( I did Body for Life 2 years ago and lost 15 lbs which I’ve managed to keep off). The New York Body plan was really tough, I broke up the hour and a half exercise a day into two parts: cardio-weights in the morning, and the 45 mins of cardio in the afternoon. I also bought the New York Body Plan DVD and I found that to be key. There is no way I’d finish the cardio weights session in 45 mins if I didn’t have the DVD to follow. The first two days, I had to pause the DVD during a few exercises to complete the reps because they were too hard to do at the speed that David was doing them. It really helps to see someone doing the exerices because it shows you how it should look and the speed at which you should do them, so I highly recommend getting the DVD. As other reviewers mentioned, the recipes in the back are really delicious. I don’t eat red meat, so I stuck mostly with the omelettes and fish recipes. For some recipes, such as the turkey lasagna, I substituted tofu for the turkey and it tasted great, my husband loved it too. The recipes are really keepers and I’ve worked them into my weekly menus. They’re so easy, healthy and delicious. The plan was very tough, I was ready to quit after Day 2 (I was sore, hungry, and tired), but it gets exponentially easier on Day 3 and by Day 4 I began to see results and felt much more energized. It is really worth it, get this book and DVD to jumpstart your goal and maintain the results. David has a whole maintenance section in the back that tells you how to ease off the two weeks and keep the results. After following the plan for 2 weeks, I find that I look forward to doing the cardio-weights, they’re very effective and David is highly motivational. In the book, there is a section that counts down the two weeks day by day, with a sample menu for the day, the exercise routin to follow for the day, a success story of one of David’s clients, and an inspirational message from David. And there is space for you to chart your progress, what you ate, what exercises you did and how you felt. David is really with you every step of the way. You can do anything for 2 weeks. It’s really worth it.

  4. S. George
    February 3rd, 2012 at 19:22 | #4


    This workout is even more intense then his Sound Mind, Sound Body book but that is the point. Instead of getting you in ultimate shape in six weeks, you only have two which means a harder workout and stricter eating plan. The eating plan is hard. Some meals are more blan than others. I strongly reccommend trying a new recipe each night if you have the time so you can find a couple meals that are easy to stick to.

    The workout gave my body a shock it needed. It is intense. Not a pore on my body lacked sweat.

    I love this book. The descriptions and pictures are excellant.

  5. Marni Opatowsky
    February 3rd, 2012 at 21:49 | #5


    My mother told me about the book, “The Ultimate New York Body Plan” by David Kirsch. I was intrigued and ran out and brought the book. While reading the book I soon became interested in embarking on his 14 day program. I was currently between jobs and figured this was a perfect time to get myself in better shape. I learned that David’s club, The Madison Square Club, was located in NYC and he had a 2 week intensive program. I set up an appointment to meet with him. At the first meeting I was a little intimidated because he made me do push-ups in his office to determine my endurance level. I knew right away that this plan was going to be tough but I felt confident after meeting with him I was prepared to meet whatever challenge laid ahead.

    On the first day of the program David took all my measurements, my body fat percentage, and weight. The area that I needed to focus on was my lower body, which was where I wanted to see the most results. To say my first workout with David was tough would be an understatement. Not only did I workout for an hour with David, but afterward I had to do an hour of cardio. I felt if I could survive the first workout I could make it through the 14 days. After day one I was extremely sore, but I knew this plan was going to work. By day three I started to feel less sore and was able to do more cardio – I was up to 90 minutes. Since I was doing the program with David I received the proper supplements and food that I needed during the program. I ate only the food I received from David which was similar to the recipes in his book.

    Day by day I could see myself slimming down. Not only was I losing weight, but my skin was also improving. While David was the mentor and I was the student, I felt that we were a team committed to achieving my goal. On day eight David took my weight and measurements and I was already down 9.5 pounds! I could not believe the results and I was only half way through the program. My clothes were already big on me. Each day David would push me more and I became even more motivated. Thanks to David’s encouragement and support I was able to successfully complete the program.

    On the 15th day I came in to get my final results. I lost a total of 15 pounds in fourteen days!! I lost a total of two inches on my hips, 3 inches on my thighs, one inch on my arms and three inches on my waist. My BMI went from 27 to 23.5 and lost a total of 17 pounds of body fat. I went from a size 8 to a size 4. I was ecstatic! All of my hard work paid off. David helped me transform both my body and mind. I felt a great sense of accomplishment, especially since I failed many weight loss programs before. I was extremely fortunate to be able to work with him and get the results I wanted. I still have more work to do, but David has put me on the right path to continue my success. If you do not have the opportunity to work with David, his book with motivate you and help you change your body in only 14 days.

  6. MODCo
    February 7th, 2012 at 04:26 | #6


    As a lifelong athlete, I knew that I was wildly unfit, my eating was a disaster and that I felt generally crappy. I had spent the last 2 years drinking instead of eating, then eating instead of drinking and sleeping hardly at all. Despite my 5’7″ frame and size four figure, my bad habits were really starting to show. I was small but fat and looked and felt tired all the time. My goal was simply to find my former athletic self, to change fat to muscle and to try to learn some good eating habits. I also knew that any changes I made would need to last a lot longer than two weeks. I looked at the program as an aggressive way to kick-start my new healthy life.

    Kick being the operative word…I haven’t worked that hard physically since college when I rowed crew. It was a pretty sobering reminder of just how much time one can waste in the gym if you don’t have a plan of attack or a specific goal to push you past your comfort zone. I was humiliated on day 1 to learn how unfit I was, sore as hell on day three, exuberant on day four (David said that was really common) a little cranky on day seven and vaguely stupefied on day nine. By day twelve, I looked forward to my workout the way I used to look forward to my morning cup of coffee. I slept more those two weeks then I have in a year. And miraculously, by day fourteen, I really did feel and look strong again. The program totally kicked my ass and reminded me how great it feels to work really, really hard.

    Two weeks is an extremely short period of time, and I wasn’t sure what results to expect. Especially since major weight loss wasn’t my main goal. David wouldn’t let me look at the scale or my measurements during the program, so I wasn’t sure how to quantify my progress. My whole body felt tighter and my cardio was enormously improved. In short, I was feeling like an athlete again, energetic, sharp and sassy. On the last day, I knew I was a lot fitter, but I didn’t know how different I really looked. As I said, I’m a size four and remain a size four (although those pants are tight in different places now). I was a little astonished to learn that I had dropped 7lbs, 11% body fat, 2 inches off my waist, bust and hips and 1inch off my arms.

    Perhaps the most surprising thing about the whole experience is how clear and clean my skin became. And added bonus to de-toxing process I assume. I get as many comments on the healthy glow of my skin as I do on my newly toned arms and abs.

    For me the program (both the exercise and eating) really was a true transformation. It was methodical, balanced and genuinely helped me change my habits in ways that I can continue to live with and enjoy. Gaining the tools necessary to personally take control of my fitness and wellbeing is more than I can say about any other program I’ve done in my life. I consider that an enormous victory. Honestly, I loved every minute of it.

  7. Radio Donna
    February 8th, 2012 at 20:17 | #7


    After interviewing David on my radio show, I was inspired to try his two week plan. Since I’m a foodie I was excited to try his recipes…they looked so tasty and, as I found out later, they are delicious! My two teenage children saw the book on the table and got curious. They ended up joining me on the two-week plan (along with my brother who lives in the same town) and it was an unbelievable two weeks!

    My 15-year-old daughter who prefers reading and piano playing to any type of physical exercise actually worked out…and she continues to do so even though our two weeks is over. Her skin has cleared up considerably (we’ve spent thousands on antibiotics, proactive, etc.)and I attribute that to detoxing our bodies with the clean diet.

    I feel great and am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in awhile. I feel like I’ve gotten my body back, yeah! I don’t weigh and I didn’t measure myself…I’m going totally on how I feel and how my clothes fit and it’s awesome.

    And I will definitely continue better eating and working out 4 or 5 days a week now that the two weeks is up.

    Even if you can’t get 90 minutes of working out per day in and even if you struggle with the diet, you will benefit from David’s advice. His exercise instructions are easy to understand with great companion photos. The recipes are simple and easy to double or quadruple if your whole family wants to participate.

    Do what you can, make the commitment and you will be transformed…inside and out, thanks to David’s great advice and great book. My family has been.

    Donna Britt

    Lifetime Radio

  8. TMK
    February 9th, 2012 at 00:33 | #8


    I can’t believe it!!! I waited to write this review until I tried on clothes that I haven’t worn in 5 years. This is nothing short of a miracle. I was on the verge of serious depression. I tried EVERYTHING — Southbeach, Weight Watchers, Atkins, you name it — I tried it. I don’t know what it was about this book. Perhaps the mental committment you have to make. I prepped for a month before hand (I didn’t loose any weight during my preperation, but I was petrified about the thought of 1 1/2 hours a day of exercise). I thought, how in the heck do I raise 2 small kids, work a full time job, clean my house, help them with homework, etc etc and still find the time to do that much exercise? Won’t I be exhausted? Won’t I feel terrible? Won’t my body just ache? Plus, if I’m not eating all that other stuff, won’t I be too hungry too exercise and too void of energy? Okay, I’ll admit it, the first 3 days were pure HELL. I was hungry, angry, tired, achy, and all the above. But, I stuck to it. And I did it. I’ve been in maintenance for 2 weeks. I lost 2 pants sizes in 2 weeks and 12 pounds. I’ve continued to loose 2 pounds a week since for a total of 16 pounds. I only needed to loose 25 pounds when I started (but when your only 5 feet tall, and extra 25 pounds sticks to various unappealing areas). I’ve almost met my ideal weight in one month. It’s nothing short of incredible. Did I mention that this is a diet I CAN live with? I don’t feel like I am missing out. I’m not jealous of my kids ice cream. I’m better that okay, I am finally happy. THANK YOU DAVID KIRSCH!!!!

  9. C. Capulong
    February 10th, 2012 at 15:06 | #9


    I have tried it all and I have to say this is the most effective diet I’ve ever been on. In two weeks, I dropped ten pounds, lost 6% body fat, lost 4 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my chest, and an inch each from my arms, thighs, and hips. I also dropped from a size 12 jeans to a size 8. I followed the book and used the dvd to do the exercises. I highly suggest that you buy the dvd. It’s so much easier to learn the moves and get a much more highly effective workout. It’s almost like having David Kirsch in your house. I must warn you that this diet is tough and is not for the fainthearted. For two weeks, you live and breathe this program. You prepare your own food, eat 5 times a day and exercise 1 to 1-1/2 hours a day. But the end result is worth it and watching your body change before your eyes is so motivating. Although this diet is high in protein and low in carbs, this is not the Atkins diet. You eat lean meats, get all of your carbs from veggies, and cut sugar,alcohol, and fat from your diet. I felt full the whole two weeks I was doing the plan and the recipes he had in his book were quite tasty. Yes, I missed my oatmeal, rice, and fruit.But he reintroduces that during the maintenance phase after you’ve completed the two week program. I’m on my second week of maintenance and I’m still losing weight. Size 6 hear I come! I also don’t have any more sugar cravings,which is amazing considering I’ve always had a weakness for cakes, cookies, ice cream, and other sweet treats.

    So if you are truly motivated and ready to make a change, you should buy the book and dvd. It will help you jump start your weight loss, transform your body, or get you to lose the dreaded last 5-10 pounds.

  10. L. Mazucca
    February 11th, 2012 at 18:27 | #10


    What can I say? First of all I’ve been working out for over 10 years. It’s been a constant battle to manage keeping off the additional 40#’s that once was attached to my 5 ft 5 in. frame. Every workout/nutritional “plan” out there I’ve tried it, but never felt so inspired to see it through as I have with David’s Ultimate NY Body Plan.

    I’ll admit the first 3 days were intense. Letting go of the cup of joe in the morning filled with cream & sugar was a TOUGH way to toss yourself into starting your day. But if you just push past it & get immediately to the workout first thing in the morning you learn that your body DOES NOT NEED CAFFIENE to function.

    You also eventually come to learn that your body DOES NOT NEED a LOT of the GARBAGE that you believe it does..ie: sugar (artificial or natural), simple carbs from breads, most dairy/sugar substances, etc.,) I had NO idea how horrible I felt from ingesting so much sugar from the dairy I had been eating for so many years. I thought I had been eating pretty “clean” for years (no fast food or loads of processed foods) until I let go & ate according to David’s plan (TRULY NATURAL & CLEAN). The recipes are delicious & filling, though you do have to double or triple the recipes to avoid being in the kitchen every night.

    My energy sky-rocketed around the end of Day 3 & by the end of Day 4 I felt my body getting tighter & firmer. I snuck & did my measurements on Day 5 & sure enough, an inch GONE off my waist, 3/4 inch from my hips!

    I strayed a few mornings by allowing myself ONE cup of decaf coffee with powdered cream, & had to give into an urge of chocolate on another day….I won’t lie, the cravings you have are INTENSE. You’ll have to dig down deep to push past them, but the almost “INSTANT RESULTS” you see & feel really MOTIVATE you to keep going.

    What typically would have taken me 2 months or longer as far as results go, has taken me 2 WEEKS! I haven’t weighed myself, just did measurements & I’ve lost a total of 5 inches over all, from my waist, hips, legs/thighs. My arms are totally cut & sculpted, my waist is tighter & my butt has been lifted!

    This is not for the faint of heart. I strongly suggest that you do it with someone (I had my boyfriend go the journey with me) & I’m not sure if I could have made it without him.

    David has actually responded to my emails & is very supportive. I’m so inspired by him that I’m hoping to make it to NY to train with him in person! :)

  11. Amy R. Taylor
    February 11th, 2012 at 18:36 | #11


    If you’ve read enough diet books and tried enough plans, you know what your limitations are and you can adjust accordingly.

    I have a newborn so I am not going to give up coffee. This also means that most of the ab exercises are off limits to me until my muscles come back together.

    My personal version of this plan is that I still use caffeine. I adjust exercises to my comfort level, I cheat once a week, and I exercise 6 days.

    I started during the first week of feb. and have lost 13 lbs. That includes one week off for sickness.

    After one week my carb craving were under control. I am not hungry on this plan!!

    The turkey chili and the shrimp marinara are delicious.

    I found a whey protein shake that I like and it keeps me satisfied.

    I love this plan and highly recommend it. No one is forcing anyone to follow it to the letter – you will still lose weight even if you don’t follow it to the letter.

  12. nlc123
    February 12th, 2012 at 21:04 | #12


    I’m 43 years old and a sporadic exerciser. Recently, I’d come to the conclusion that if I want to look good and be healthy as I age, I’d have to get serious about exercising. I had an anniversary cruise coming up with a month to get ready, so when I saw this book I decided to get it. I figured if I could see a change in two weeks, I’d be inspired to keep going–to get in shape not just for the cruise but for the rest of my life. One of the things that appealed to me about this book was that it promised fast results even for people in middle age–you don’t have to be 20 to succeed. Many of the success stories were people my age or older.

    The program is hard, no doubt about it. But that two-week milestone really does make it achievable. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and by the time you get there, you feel good enough and strong enough to want to keep going. The exercises are clearly explained and well illustrated, so it’s easy to get the form right. A warning: as you’re learning the workouts, allow double the time the book says the routine will take. The first time I did the 45-minute routine, it took me an hour and a half. I still haven’t got it down to 45 minutes, but I’m close. It consists of 40 exercises, and sometimes you have to go back and repeat a set. You’d already have to be superfit to do them that fast without pausing for breath once in a while. If you have the time, try practicing some of the exercises to learn them before you start the program in earnest.

    The recipes contained in the book are delicious and quick to make. Unlike other diet books, this one understands that many people don’t have all day to spend in the kitchen. You have to make all your own food for the two weeks of the program, so the ease of the recipes is important. And they’re really good.

    As you’re struggling to adapt to the program, keep this in mind. If you put in your best effort, it works even if you don’t follow it to the letter. I couldn’t do some of the exercises (like pushups with my feet on a stability ball), and I didn’t always do as much cardio as the program calls for (too busy spending extra time on the exercise routine and making my own meals). I even went out to eat a couple of times (but tried to order food compatible with the program). Even with all those shortcomings, I didn’t fail. In two weeks, I lost two inches off my waist and an inch off my hips. My clothes fit better, and I’ve pulled some things out of the back of my closet that I haven’t worn in years–they fit now. If I’d followed the program more strictly, I know my results would be more impressive, but I’m happy, anyway. In fact, I’m going to order Kirsch’s boot camp video to keep going with his program. As a trainer, the guy knows what he’s doing. And if you buy this book and follow the program, you’ll see results–in just two weeks!

  13. Gail Cooke
    February 13th, 2012 at 11:09 | #13


    As one who’s started many diets and not finished any, I was attracted to the dustcover phrase “Just 2 Weeks To Total Transformation!” In the past, something of the utmost importance had always knocked me off a diet – holidays, a family reunion, a gift box of candy, the necessity of eating popcorn at a movie, an irresistible urge to walk into an ice cream shop. As you can see, it took very little. But, I thought anyone, even me, can stick to a plan for 2 weeks.

    As I began to read this book I became even more impressed with the author, David Kirsch, founder and owner of the Madison Square Club. Of course, he’s had his share of celebrity clients, but what came through to me was the amount of space he spent in explaining the importance of motivation, and how to care for yourself during the plan. He seemed to really care about his readers’ well being rather than just selling books. For instance, he suggests supplements to be taken during the two weeks.

    Further, when he clearly stated that he didn’t endorse plastic surgery, I thought “This plan book’s for me.” He wrote,” ….I didn’t want to endorse the notion that someone would need to undergo such extreme and often painful means to look his or her best. That’s just not in line with my philosophy as a trainer and wellness coach.” Makes sense to me!

    Mr. Kirsch’s approach is two pronged – exercise and nutrition. Both are equally important. Since this is a 14 day program, the exercise requirement is a large one – 1 ½ hours each day. The exercises are clearly explained with photographs that show exactly how to do them.

    His Nutrition Plan provides you with five small meals every three hours. Recipes are included, and they’re tasty, especially his “Tuna Cobb Salad” and “Mexican Turkey Burger with Jalapeno Peppers and Mexican Salsa.”

    The author also has a bit of the cheer leader in him as he offers not only advice to keep you on track, but also words of encouragement. Finally, not to worry that all of this hard work will be lost because he also explains how to maintain the new you.

    Well, my two weeks isn’t up yet, but I can already feel and see a difference. I’ll finish as I’m a bit like the Little Engine That Could….”I know I can, I know I can,” And, I know I’ll be delighted I did!

    – Gail Cooke

  14. Kenna Dubose
    February 13th, 2012 at 16:16 | #14


    As one of the Extreme Makeover contestants, and one of the success stories in David’s new book, I want to be the first to recommend the cardio-sculpting routine and nutrition plan. If you are serious about wanting to look and FEEL better, this is a “sure-fire” plan. It is intense, so you must be dedicated and disciplined, but it WORKS! You don’t need an expensive gym, you need the right mind set and David’s book!


  15. R.C.
    February 15th, 2012 at 01:06 | #15


    The Ulitmate New York Body Plan did for me, in 2 weeks, what a year and a half of exercising and “dieting” on my own didn’t do. Even with an injured foot, I stuck to the RIGOROUS daily excercise, which I came to look forward to every day. I had never used a stability ball or light dumbell weights, so it was new and different. I do recommend getting his DVD to do the exercises, only because it is much easier than trying to do them from the photos in the book.

    The diet was very strict. I won’t kid you. But–it was only for 2 weeks and he has some really delicious recipes. I had bought and read at least half a dozen “fitness/diet” books before the NY Body Plan. I never finished any of them, I never achieved anything with them and I was hestitant that this would be the case again. However, it wasn’t… and I lost 8 lbs. and 3 1/2 inches on my waist–in 2 weeks! If I can do this with an injury and a “bendable” will power, anyone can.

    This Ultimate New York Body Plan re-educated me, redefined my body and gave me a tangible, noticeable result.

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